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Nobody even Mike Dillard cant beat the matrix

My advise to you =always ignore matrix payplan model.
Its nice pictures and zero money.

Matrix its when 10 people working and 10.000 people
waiting for spillover doing nothing)
And of cause they gets nothing)
But they was promised that all be ok)
It never will be.There is no leader in this
planet who can spill every tire kicker in his downline.

Thats why matrix always stucked very fast.
The same with a binary marketing.Lots of people.
Need to replace quiters all the time.

We dont have this problem. Its simply the
best payplan ever.

You better login and watch the movie.
People understand it thats why its not hard
to get new payliners here.
With all our business tools.
Lots of people paying for it $100 per month in
other places ( aweber,getresponse,lead monkey,)
But you have all included to this payplan)

Look the video again

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