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Welcome To All NEW Payliners!

I would like to welcome all the NEW Payliners who joined over
this past week, and there were a lot of you! It is so great to have
you all onboard as we get ready for 2018!

It is time now to roll up your sleeves and start posting your 10+
ads every day! Posting a minimum 10 ads a day does not make
that much time, but if you plan on making 2018 your best year
ever online, then you should not be stopping after you have
posted 10 ads!

No doubt you have seen The 230K Game Plan in your Member
Center. the income potential here is HUGE! Unlimited in fact!

How many ads are you willing to post to make 230K in 2018?

Now that is something to shoot for; «230K in 2018«!

September to the December Holidays is a great time to make
mon-ey online, BUT January to June is an even GREATER
time to be making mon-ey online because people spend more
time online during the winter months, and until the kids are out
of school in June!

Tour Takers It Is Time To Get Started!

We are less than 2 weeks away from 2018! It is time to get your
ducks in a row! Upgrading to a Payliner now will give you some
time to get yourself familiarized with our Payliners Room, and
even get some ads posted before the New Year!

If you upgrade to a Payliner now, you will have lots of time you
get yourself Qualified at BOTH package Levels before the New

If you want to make 2018 your best year ever online, you need
to get everything set up now!

You can get started at Package #1 for just $22 ($7 Payliner Fee +
$15 Package #1). At Package #1 you start receiving INSTANT $15
Commissions with your second sale!

Or you can go all in at both Package Levels like most people do so
you can start receiving those $35 payments infinity deep at Package
Level #2.

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